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Professional Recognition

Membership of SIAD signals to your clients, to your employers and to other practitioners that you are committed to delivering the very highest standards in your work and business methods.  Qualified Membership demonstrates that your commitment has been certified by an international body.

Membership Progression

SIAD has a membership progression route to recognise creative professionals at every stage in their professional career; from Student Member to Ordinary Member; through three levels of Qualified Membership to the coveted distinction of Master Designer™.  

Promotion and Credibility

Members of SIAD benefit from the use of post-nominal letters indicating their level of membership, certificates and membership marques to use on their websites, advertising, stationery and signboards to promote their professional achievement and accrediting best practice in their profession.

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

All members of SIAD - from Student Member to Master Designer - are encouraged to continually develop their professional competencies using the resources of SIAD.  This not only benefits the career progression of the individual member but also benefits their clients or employer and, ultimately, society at large.

Personal and Professional Standards

SIAD seeks to inspire its members to achieve and uphold the highest personal and professional standards.  SIAD creates, reviews, maintains and promotes the highest standards of professional practice in the creative sector.  Your membership demonstrates your commitment to upholding these standards.

Networking and Collaboration

A range of SIAD promoted activities and events provides our members with plenty of opportunities to 

connect with other professionals in their own creative discipline, with those in other creative disciplines and with allied and support disciplines that are so essential to success in the today's commercial world.

Business Development
SIAD engages with a diverse international business community to ensure that the interests of its members are represented and that a two-way information flow is maintained.  News and market intelligence is communicated through a series of 'Creative Briefings' sent directly to our members' email addresses.