Based in London, the Society of Illustrators, Artists and Designers is an international membership organisation that exists to support, encourage and guide illustrators, artists and designers at every stage of their professional career.  SIAD is not a trade body or professional association, it is a society that promotes and recognises the highest standards of achievement in the practice of illustration, art and design, and works to encourage public appreciation of those creative endeavours. 


Membership of SIAD is open to all practitioners in all creative disciplines, wherever they are in the world.  SIAD is an inclusive organisation offering real and practical benefits to all members.  The board believes in fairness and equity and it values diversity in all its dealings, both as a membership organisation and as an employer.  SIAD aims to embed its equality and diversity values into every day practice, policies and procedures so that equality and diversity are the norm for all.


Membership of SIAD is an indication of professional experience and competence that will be recognised by the international creative community.  SIAD provides its members with a platform on which to promote their work to the widest possible international audience.  The board of SIAD believes that personal income should not be a barrier to membership and therefore strives to keep the annual cost of individual membership at a very modest level.