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Accreditation by SIAD is open to all practitioners in all creative disciplines, anywhere in the world.  There are three levels of accreditation - Diploma Accreditation (DipSIAD), Accredited Master (MSIAD) and Accredited Fellow (FSIAD) - which provide a 'professional pathway' as your career develops.  Each level of accreditation will be recognised worldwide as one of the most prestigious distinctions in the international creative sector.

Application for accreditation by SIAD is a very simple process, requiring only a completed Application Form together with a selection of examples of your work, submitted electronically (by WeTransfer).  Applications for accreditation are assessed by a panel of practising professionals, all of whom are Accredited Fellows (FSIAD) or Honorary Fellows (HonFSIAD).  A fee of £50 (€50 / US$50) is charged to cover administration of the application process. 


Once accredited, an annual renewal fee falls due in April of the year following the year in which you became accredited.  Annual renewal fee for Diploma Accreditation is £50 (€50 / US$50), Accredited Masters pay £70 (€70 / US$70) and Accredited Fellows pay £90 (€90 / US$90) per year.

To begin your application process, click the appropriate link below:

If you are a student, or recent graduate, apply for Diploma Accreditation (DipSIAD)   Click here >>

If you graduated more than two years ago, or if you do not have an arts qualification but you do have more than five years experience, apply to become an Accredited Master (MSIAD)   Click here >>

If you have been an Accredited Master (MSIAD) for more than five years, or if you are not yet an Accredited Master but you do have more than ten years experience, apply to become an Accredited Fellow (FSIAD)   Click here >>

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