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The three tiers of Qualified Membership - progressively, Licentiateship (LSIAD), Associateship (ASIAD) and Fellowship (FSIAD) - provide a 'professional pathway' each of which will be recognised worldwide as a step on the route to FSIAD; probably the most prestigious distinction in the international creative sector.

The annual membership fee is the same for all Ordinary and Qualified Members.  Unlike many professional institutions, SIAD does not increase the annual membership fee for progressively higher categories of membership; all members pay the same, currently £40 (€40 / US$45) per year.  The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December with the annual membership fee to be paid before the 31 January that year. 

Licentiate Member (LSIAD)


This is the first level of Qualified Membership.  After twelve months as an Ordinary Member, you will be eligible to apply for Licentiateship.  Application for LSIAD is by submission of an Application Form and a Portfolio (sent electronically) of 15 examples of your professional work.  Application for LSIAD costs £30 (€30 / US$35).  If your application is successful you will be sent your Licentiateship Certificate and entitled to use the letters LSIAD after your name with immediate effect.

A Licentiate Member would be expected to apply for Associate Membership after two years as a Licentiate Member.  However, they may, if they wish, remain as a Licentiate Member for a maximum of five years whereupon they must then apply for Associate Membership.


Details of how to submit your LSIAD electronic portfolio are provided on the application form.  Your digital files will be used to showcase your work on the SIAD website.

To convert from Ordinary Member (MSIAD) to Licentiate Member (LSIAD) 

follow these six simple steps ...

  1. Open and complete the Application Form by clicking on the PDF icon below.

  2. Save a copy of your completed Application Form to your computer.

  3. Pay the £30 (€30/US$35) application fee by clicking on the PayPal "Buy Now" link below.

  4. Save a copy of your PayPal payment confirmation to your computer.

  5. Select 15 examples of your professional work and provide a digital image as a jpeg file (the specification for these jpeg images is provided on the Application Form)

  6. Send a copy of your completed Application Form, your PayPal payment confirmation, and the 15 examples of your professional work by attaching them to this email Click Here >>